Thematic Areas

1. Disability Rights Advocacy/Inclusive Development
2. Education
3. Health/Immunization/Social Mobilization
4. Environment/Alternate Energy/Climate Change
5. Vocational Education
6. Humanitarian Response
7. Livelihood
8. Women Empowerment/Gender Equity/GBV
9. Rural Development
10. Food Security/Nutrition
11. Good Governance/Policy reforms

Accessibility Is Our Right

Mobility is real Empowerment
Provision of Assistive devices for children with disabilities.
Pls donate a mobility aid..

Welcome to Our Website

NDF Pakistan is Disabled People Organization (DPO) working for advocacy in disability & development of society to bring sustainable environment for all. NDF believes that people with disabilities are not patients to be cured in the hospitals, they are not children to be kept in the homes ,even they are not gods to be worshiped but they are human as you are! They have same rights to enjoy as you have. Please consider them human as contributor of society.NDF has another initiative for Down Syndrome Children under banner of Pakistan Down Syndrome Association (PDSA).

NDF participation during TABA Center Ground Breaking Ceremony in Lahore

NDF participated in TABA Centre ground breaking ceremony held in Lahore. Mr. Abid Lashari represented NDF & laid down brick of NDF part for TABA Foundation Centre in Lahore & received appreciation shield during the ceremony. (02nd May 2015)

World School Safety Day observed by NDF in Tando Adam under Safer School Project in Sanghar

NDF observed 16th May World School Safety Day 2015 in Tando Adam under Safer School Project in Sanghar. Mr. Obedullah Shah Taluka Education Officer (TEO) Tando Adam, Mr. Liaqat Chandio Taluka Education Officer (TEO) Shahdapur, Ali Akbar Bhirmani Supervisor School education Tando Adam, Mr. Imran Khaskheli Training Officer Focus Pakistan, Mr. Abid Lashari President NDF, Mr. Sachey Dino (Imran) Highoro, Mr. Raja Dero & others participated in the seminar held at GGPS Juman Shah in Tando Adam. The importance of the day was highlighted among participants during the seminar. (12th April 2015).