NDF participation during training on Research Protocols in Nawabshah


NAWABSHAH: NDF participation during training on Research Protocols organised by PILL (Pakistan Institute of Living & Learning) in Nawabshah. The Training was facilitated by Dr. Moti Ram Bhatia, Mr. Tayaba Khan, Mr. Ameer Bux, &  others. Mr. Azam Yousfani VC PUMHS University was chief Guest.

PUAN Sukkur President is seen visiting NDF Rehab Center, Nawabshah


NAWABSHAH: (05-10-2018) Mr. Anwar Ali Siyal PUAN Sukkur President is seen visiting NDF Rehab Center, Nawabshah. Mr. Siyal apprecited NDF efforts & appeals to INGOs, Local, national Philanthropists to join for this noble cause.

HUM NEWS TV interviewed Mr. Abid Lashari CEO NDF Pakistan.


NAWABSHAH: (04-10-2018) HUM NEWS TV interviewed Mr. Abid Lashari CEO NDF Pakistan.




NDF in collaboration of Awaz CDS organised District Learning Forum District Sanghar


TANDO ADAM: (04-10-2018) NDF in collaboration of Awaz CDS organised District Learning Forum District Sanghar under Ujala Project of SRHR at Tando Adam, District Sanghar. Mr. Masroor Ahsan Ghauri Chairman Municipal Committee Tando Adam was Chief Guest meanwhile Mr. Ghulam Hussain Pirzada SHO Police Station City Tando Adam was Guest in Honour. Mr. Abid Lashari presented progress, results & impact of the Ujala project in in UC Mir Hassan Mari of Tehsil Tando Adam, District Sanghsr. The progress was commended by the participants. Mr. Lashari further said that the project covered SRHR, child Marriages, GBV issues, and Disability & Trans Gender rights. It was first time that SRHR is discussed in the intervention area. The community especially youth was engaged to be sensitized regarding their rights. Women, Youth, Disabled & Trans Gender & other community was well aware about rights of vulnerable communities & their responsibility to safe guard of their rights. Mr. Ghullam Hussain Pirzada SHO city said that GBV cases are reported, the police station is well equipped to address the issues of GBV & other women related issues at Women Desk led by Lady Sub Inspector. Mr. Pirzada told that child marriage Act 2014 is fully enacted & many Jarga & fake nikahas were reported & action was taken. He said that Community & Police should work together to root out social evils from society. Chief guest Mr. Masroor Ahsan Ghauri told that its honour for him that the awareness was made in his city & tehsil regarding women, Girls & children. He said he will keep supporting DAP for further activities to protect Women from violence in any form. He said his female counsellors will join this initiative to support the cause. Mr. Raj Ansani told that we should develop women friendly environment that women may play their role of leadership, right of Education, right of learning & right of Jobs with conducive environment. We male should realise the space of woman in the society with dignity & respect without any kind of discrimination. Mr. Imran Hinghoro, Mr. Raja Dero & others also spoke on the occasion.

Awaz Foundation & NDF conducted meeting of District Advisory Panel (DAP) Sanghar

TANDO ADAM: (04-10-2018) The meeting of District Advisory Panel (DAP) District Sanghar held at NDF Office Tando Adam. Mr. Abid Lashari briefed about the Ujala project progress at Union Council Mir Hassan Mari, Tehsil Tando Adam, District Sanghar. It was told that DAP formation was to include all stakeholders for right based initiatives in the intervention area, to seek moral, technical & logistic support for the rights of youth, women, persons with disabilities, Transgender & others under umbrella of Ujala Project in District Sanghar. NDF organised DAP meetings, different sessions with Persons with Disabilities, Trans genders, Teachers, Students, Youth activists, Villagers, clans, religious leaders, community leaders, elected representatives through DAP members support it could happen that we have completed activities of 18 months in Tando Adam Tehsil, District Sanghar. Active Member Imran Hinghoro said that through this intervention change taken place & mind sets are changed regarding persons with Disabilities, Trans Genders, Early Marriages & many other sectors. Mr Raja Dero said that it’s now our responsibility to continue the activities under DAP plate form to reduce GBV violence in any form, Under age marriages, Disability & Trans Gender discrimination & women rights, & Youth rights. During the meeting members vowed to play their advisory role & support NDF team to keep continue efforts to sustain activities voluntarily at their localities. It was encouraged that it will be first time in the history of District People talked about rights of the Transgender, persons with disabilities & sex workers. No one takes serious to the rights of trans genders, Sex workers even persons with disabilities.

Awaz Foundation & NDF conducted session on SRHR with Teachers in Tando Adam


TANDO ADAM: Awaz Foundation & NDF conducted session on SRHR with Teachers at GBPS Main Sindhi School Tando Adam, District Sanghar. During the session Mr. Abid Lashari CEO NDF said that Gender Balanced Violence has different forms, which is witnessed in our society, mostly women suffer from domestic violence; sexual harassment at job placements, public places & surroundings, there is different types of sexual harassment i.e verbal harassment, watching harassment, psychological harassment as a result the skills & opportunities for girls are very limited, the girls are depressed cannot live normal life. The Girls are deprived their right to live, right to education, right to work. It was realized that Women are equal partner of society, at Home, Job placement & anywhere. Women respect & dignity is our responsibility. Government has 24 Pro Women Laws to protect Women from GBVs. There is dire need to be enactment & implementation. We have law Job placement Harassment Act 2010, which protects women harassment at Job placement. If we respect other women, our women will be respected by others. Child marriages are criminal acts in our society; Sindh Government has law “Child Marriages Act 2014”. It was told that the age of girls does matters. It was urged community to boost up birth registration at union council, for Form – B, CNIC should be must for Nikah Registration to ensure age of Girl. If girls get marriage in under age she faces health issues to conceive pregnancy & healthy births. The Head Master of the School Mr. Lakha Dino Khaskheli said that the mobilization session regarding subject was good informative. Its duty of teachers to make aware students & community to bring healthy environment, safe from GBV & early child Marriages, we should break trends & odds, to adopt good practices of civilized nations. Age does matters, un-mature & mature has great difference of mind sets, thinking, learning & doing, so that we should encourage mature aged marriages rather than under aged marriages. MR. Abdul Sattar (Teacher) made aware to his students regarding child marriages, Students rights & domestic violence against women. The Teachers & students took keen interest in the session; the teachers asked questions regarding the topic & commended the efforts of NDF, Ujala & Awaz team.

NDF & Awaz foundation conducted session of SRHR with Persons with Disabilities in Tando Adam


TANDO ADAM: (03-10-2018) NDF & Awaz Foundation conducted a session on SRHR under Ujala project with persons with disabilities in Tando Adam, District Sanghar. During the session Mr. Abid Lashari CEO NDF said that People with Disabilities are facing societal discrimination at all level. No one encourages & guides persons with disabilities to live with dignity, getting education, learning of vocational trade for work, offering job at job-placements to play his/her role positively as contributor in the society. It is assumed & realized to persons with disabilities that he/she cannot do anything because of his/her disability. It is mostly witnessed that physical, attitudinal torture or harassment is common for persons with disabilities, making jokes about his/her disability, no inclusion at social events, shut up calls at social gatherings. The Sexual Harassment also witnessed in different places especially girls with hearing, impairment & Intellectual disability. The cases are not reported no one takes interest to pursue the cases because disabled girls are not priority list of parents. The Sindh government has formed law on disability in 2018 which discourage discriminations, covers legal support for unwanted physical & sexual harassment at home, society or workplace. The Sindh Government has Disability affairs Department under title “Department of Empowerment of persons with disabilities” Karachi. We should reach out this department for against all odds i.e discrimination in jobs, inequality, social harassment, discrimination for General & Vocational Education, Health & Rehabilitation of Children. The participants were encouraged to face all kind of challenges to be contributor in the society.


NDF participation during Budget & Tax Advocacy workshop in Karachi


KARACHI: (29-09-2018) NDF participated during Budget & Tax Advocacy workshop organised by Indus Consortium & Oxfam, Islamabad here in Karachi. The Workshop was attended by 25 Civil Society Organizations of Sindh & Punjab. The purpose of the Seminar was to make aware general public tax deductions, tax returns & benefits tax paying.


NDF partners with Indus Consortium on Budget & Tax Advocacy

NAWABSHAH: (27-09-2018) NDF partners with Indus Consortium on Budget & Tax Advocacy under Finance for Development in District Shaheed Benazir Abad.

Executive Director Shirkatgah Lahore visits NDF Rehab Center, Nawabshah


NAWABSHAH: (28-09-2018) Ms. Fareeda Shaheed Executive Director Shirkatgah Lahore visited NDF Rehab Center, Nawabshah. She appreciated the efforts & termed the center as Art of Excellence. She said Disability is facing discrimination in our society, it should not be treated in odd manner. In equality brings disappointment. He said that such service brings hope & hope never dies, the mothers are hopeful for the rehabilitation of their children & the center is fully engaged to serve. Shirkatgah will also extend its collaboration with NDF to work together. Ms. Saira Lashari Project Manager warmly welcomed Ms. Fareeda, Ms. Nasreen Memon & others, briefed NDF services for vulnerable community.