NDF delegate meets with US Mission on Political Affairs in Nawabshah


Civil Society Organizations of Shaheed Benazir Abad called on meeting with delegation from US Consulate Karachi at Zia Lanjar Farm House Nawabshah. US Consulate delegate consisted of Mr. John G. Robinson head of political and economic affairs, Mr. Adam Zerbinopoulos political unit chief and Ms. Sanam Noor meanwhile delagate from Nawabshah Mr. Abid Lashari President NDF Nawabshah, Ms. Saira Lashari President Pakistan Down Syndrome Association – PDSA, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali khaskheli President Shah Sachal Sami welfare association, Mr. Abdul Hameed Arain executive director CDF Sakrand and Mr. Talib Chandio Manager Hari welfare association Nawabshah. The delegation was briefed about the issues of Nawabshah and contribution by CSOs to play their role to deal. The US delegate encouraged role of CSOs to deal child rights, disability rights, women rights, peasants rights, education, health, nutrition, water and sanitation. They hoped for mutual interest and development for prosperity of society especially based in rural areas of Sindh.


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