SUN CSA (Network on Nutrition) members of Sindh province visited NDF REHAB CENTER NAWABSHAH.


NAWABSHAH: (14-04-2018) The members of SUN CSA (Network on Nutrition) visited NDF REHAB CENTER NAWABSHAH. The members consist of different NGOs from upper Sindh i.e Mr. Muhammad Raheem Mari (HANDS), Mr. Jan Odhano (CDF Sindh), Mr. Anwar Mahar (Nari), Mr. Ahmed Bux Channa (Kainat), Mr. Abdul Hameed Arain (CDF Pakistan), Mr. Muhbat Mangrio (Mehran) & Mr. kram Khaskheli (Hari) were among visitors, they termed the center as gift for the Sindh. They witnessed life therapies physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational therapy for independent living. They appreciated NDF efforts.


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