CDP officers visited NDF Rehab Center Nawabshah



NAWABSHAH: (17th Sep 2018) The officers Mr. Muqeem Farooqui & Mr. Fareed Shah of Community Development Program (CDP)/UCBPRP P&D Department Government of Sindh visited NDF-CDPRehab Center Nawabshah for routine monitoring & evaluation of the project. Mr. Abid Lashari briefed about the progress & services provided by the ceter. The services were witnessed & held meeting with parents to ask their issues at center. The parents told about NDF services free of cost & result oriented. They demanded more funds for the transportation, equipment & sustainability of the project. The officers appreciated NDF efforts & encouraged to keep it up.





Disable persons to play role in development if properly cared: Director BISP

NAWABSHAH: Disable persons are not burden on the society rather they can play role in the development of the nation and country if properly cared and treated.

This was stated by Director Benazir Income Support Program Sindh Mohammad Rafique Bullar while addressing a seminar organized by ‘Nawabshah Disability Forum’ at a center working for free treatment of disable persons.

Addressing the occasion, President Nawabshah Disability Forum, Abid Lashari said that the organization arranged free treatment, food and accommodation to disable children of poor families.

He said that NDF arranged free medical checkup of 47 children belonging to poor families after survey of Benazir Income Support Program Card holders in Benazirabad, Larkana and Sukkur divisions.

He said that selected children recovered after treatment would be shifted to NDF Center would get free treatment, medicines, physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, speech therapy and other related treatments while the children would also get free accommodation and food at the center.

President NDF said that at present 200 children are registered in the center and getting free treatment and foods. He said that the aim of organization is to make such disable children useful citizens of the society.

Officers from Social Welfare Shaheed Benazir Abad visited NDF Rehab Center


NAWABSHAH (14th Sep 2018) Deputy Directors Mr. Haji Abdul Rehman & Mr. Sabir Qureshi of Social Welfare office Shaheed Benazir Abad visited NDF Rehab Center Nawabshah on surprise visit. They witnessed the services & enquired the progress & daily care services from all sections. Mr. Abid Lashari & his technical team briefed them all services, procedures, funding, requirements & other related themes. The officers showed their satisfaction over performance of NDF & appealed Public & private sector to support the cause with generosity.



PUAN in collaboration of SGA & NDF organised SUFI MERAKO in Larkano


LARKANA: (15th Sep 2018) Pakistan US. Alumni Network (PUAN) Sukkur in collaboration of Sindh Graduate Association (SGA), Mehran Welfare Trust Larkana & NDF organised SUFI MERAKO in Larkano. The event was presided by Mr. Anwar Ali Siyal President PUAN Sukkur. Sufis, Writers & civil society activists participated in big number. Mr. Zulfiqar Qadri Ex-Accountant General (AG) Sindh a renowned writer said that the Sindh is land of Sufism. Sufi is messenger of peace, peace is only practice to bring harmony. We should promote peace to reduce extremism. He apprised PUAN initiatives to bring message of peace among youth through Sufism. Mr. Anwar Ali siyal said that PUAN Sukur always promoted peace & harmony in the region. PUAN chapter promotes culture of Pakistan & United States, we bring mutual expertise to bring awareness among youth to promote Sufism in the region. Mr. Abid Lashari said the youth is not much aware about Sufism & peace making process, this initiative is bit try to bring their attention to understand Sufism. Mr. Panjal Sangi CEO Mehran Welfare Trust said that Sufism is our identity, we have peaceful society to promote peace & harmony. Professor Ahmed Ali Sabir renowned poet & writer said that Sufism was started from Prophet hood of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW), the Sufism is term of peace, its also found in different religions. Mr. Mukhtiar Samo renowned writer said that Sindh is land of Sufis like Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Qalandar Shabaz, Sachal Sarmast & many more. Terrorists did not leave the shrines from their attacks & killed more than 500 people in Pakistan. Dr. Diksha Ahuja said that we youth are totally blind from message of Sufism, we should do more for the proper awareness to understand Sufism, Mr. Shams Saryo from SGA said that Sindh has played its role in peace making, the holy sharins are are schools of thoughts to promote Sufism & peace , Mr. Dhani Bux Brohi, , Mr. Ghaus Bux Lashari & others also spoke on the occasion.





HI team visits NDF office Karachi

KARACHI: HI team led by Mr. Waheed Shah visited NDF office Akhtar Colony Karachi. He held meeting with NDF women beneficiaries & shared upcoming intervention of Handicap International (Humanity & Inclusion) for Disabled Girls in Karachi. He was told that in the area there are number women with disabilities but confined at four walls of their homes with limited societal acceptance & opportunities of training Education & job placement. Mr. Shah encouraged NDF to keep identify these girls for their proper training at NDF Center.


PUAN in collaboration of NDF & BISP organised one Day seminar in Sukkur


SUKKUR: (12th Sep 2018)

SUKKUR: (12th Sep 2018) Pakistan US. Alumni Network (PUAN) chapter Sukkur in collaboration of NDF & BISP organized one Day seminar in Sukkur under theme “Rehabilitation of Children with Intellectual Disability is need of Hour”. The Seminar presided by Mr. Sajid Balouch Director General Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Islamabad. Mr. Sajid Balouch said that BISP has developed collaboration with NDF to support the cause, the BISP has data of such children having mental issues in province Sindh. The cause is very difficult but NDF dedication is higher than difficulty, BISP has joined hands to be part of the cause. You (The Community) should stand with us to support the cause to reduce vulnerability of these children. No health with mental health, mentally challenged children has the right of proper care & rehabilitation services. There is big number of such children having mental health disorders, BISP shows its commitment to address mental health disorders among BISP beneficiaries children through Rehabilitation services. Earlier Mr. Abid Lashari introduced PUAN Sukkur chapter & its dimensions for community services, he further told that NDF has collaboration with BISP to bring more children for rehabilitation services to reduce miseries of BISP beneficiaries Mothers. He said that the rehabilitation is kind of treatment for mental health to reduce their obstacles because of their disability & deformity. NDF has established one center in Nawabshah to provide rehabilitation services for children having intellectual disability (mental disability). The center has facility of Boarding & Day care for 200 children, the people from Sukkur are encouraged to refer children there. Mr. Avais Memon from Verge Systems Hyderabad offered its services to NDF to manage NDF-BISP beneficiaries data base through MIS Verge Systems, Mr. Sajid Balouch encouraged the initiative & said the technology assures transparency. Mr. Sarfraz Korejo from PUAN Sukkur, Mr. Nabi Bux Shar from SDWA Khairpur, Mr. Shahnawaz Kandhro from Mazoor Itehad Sukkur & Mr. Anwar Ali Mahar from NARI Foundation also spoke on the occasion.



NDF attends HI workshop on IDRR Project Lessons Learnt in Karachi

KARACHI: (11th September 2018) NDF attended workshop on IDRR Project Lessons Learnt organised by Humanity & Inclusion (Handicap International) in Karachi. NDF was partner of the project provided feedback for future collaboration with all stakeholders. The project was good but due to some capacity issues, deliverable could not met out as per spirits. Disable People Organizations (DPOs) participation was so limited, no any DPO was formed in the District for the sustainability. Despite it awareness sessions were so informative that inclusion was well promoted. IDRR concept was clear to understand & well implemented at local area. Pakistan Fisher folk Forum (PFF) role was also admirable.

NDF hold meeting with Razi Sports Academy for sports collaboration



ISLAMABAD: (07-09-2018) NDF hold meeting with Razi Badminton Academy Rawalpindi for the promotion of sports for persons with disabilities to develop collaboration in future. Mr. Raziuddin Ahmed International Badminton Coach welcomed Mr. Abid Lashari, Mr. Hasseb Kiyani at Pakistan Sports Board in Islamabad. Mr. Raziuddin Ahmed told that the academy is already engaged for including persons with disabilities in different games. They encouraged NDF platform “Pakistan Abilympics International” for future joint venture to promote skills/abilities of persons with disabilities. Mr. Abid Lashari apprised the services of International Coach for promotion of games for persons with disabilities in Pakistan.

BISP Partners With NDF For The Rehabilitation Of Physically And Mentally Challenged Children



ISLAMABAD: BISP signed Memorandum of Understanding MoU with National Disability & Development Forum (NDF) to work in joint collaboration for the rehabilitation of mentally disabled children who are mentally or physically challenged. The MoU was signed by DG Complementary Initiatives from BISP and CEO NDF Abid Lashari in the presence of Secretary BISP Omar Hamid Khan. “NDF is registered non-profit organization, which has its operational working scope across the country.The organization is extensively working in collaboration with planning and development department, Sindh to rehabilitates the challenged children of the society, since 2007. Full scale rehabilitation services are given by the NDF including Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and provide independent living to 100 children with intellectual disabilities. The intellectually challenged children need regular therapies which require professional care and adequate facilities to bring the neglected one’s to the main stream society,” CEO NDF Abid Lashari explained.

As per (MoU), BISP will provide data of BISP beneficiaries in the selected districts to NDF as per data sharing protocol of BISP. Moreover, it is envisioned that the collaboration would involve children of BISP beneficiaries, which has any mental retardation and physical disabilities (Intellectual Disability) from the most underprivileged segments of the society to be rehabilitated and supported to live their lives independently, enabling mothers to reduce their expenses related to disability of their children with free care and cure. NDF will also share quarterly and annual reports of all activities.

“This is not ordinary partnership, rather this reflects the brotherhood between two organizations, said Secretary BISP Omar Hamid Khan. BISP is honoured to partner NDF, with a dedicated commitment of continuous support. BISP extended and assured its complete cooperation with NDF, rather encouraged to jointly enhance the operational scope of both the organizations using BISP beneficiaries’ database, Secretary added. DG Complementary Initiatives Sajid Baloch, explained the partnership scope and briefed about the possible collaboration, dynamics between the two organizations.

In response, the CEO, NDF apprised the Secretary BISP that the organization is also successfully maintaining the database of disabled children and consistently trying to rehabilitate them through therapies. As per the agreement, initially 100 mentally challenged BISP’s beneficiary children will add into the support net of NDF. BISP has also recently participated in Special Olympics, Pakistan in collaboration with NDF. The core objective of the NDF is the empowerment of marginalized and disadvantaged groups i.e persons with disabilities, children, women older people and minorities, strongly efforts to build reliance and to bring them to the mainstream of society through skills development, CEO, NDF maintained.