Awaz Foundation & NDF conducted session on SRHR with Teachers in Tando Adam


TANDO ADAM: Awaz Foundation & NDF conducted session on SRHR with Teachers at GBPS Main Sindhi School Tando Adam, District Sanghar. During the session Mr. Abid Lashari CEO NDF said that Gender Balanced Violence has different forms, which is witnessed in our society, mostly women suffer from domestic violence; sexual harassment at job placements, public places & surroundings, there is different types of sexual harassment i.e verbal harassment, watching harassment, psychological harassment as a result the skills & opportunities for girls are very limited, the girls are depressed cannot live normal life. The Girls are deprived their right to live, right to education, right to work. It was realized that Women are equal partner of society, at Home, Job placement & anywhere. Women respect & dignity is our responsibility. Government has 24 Pro Women Laws to protect Women from GBVs. There is dire need to be enactment & implementation. We have law Job placement Harassment Act 2010, which protects women harassment at Job placement. If we respect other women, our women will be respected by others. Child marriages are criminal acts in our society; Sindh Government has law “Child Marriages Act 2014”. It was told that the age of girls does matters. It was urged community to boost up birth registration at union council, for Form – B, CNIC should be must for Nikah Registration to ensure age of Girl. If girls get marriage in under age she faces health issues to conceive pregnancy & healthy births. The Head Master of the School Mr. Lakha Dino Khaskheli said that the mobilization session regarding subject was good informative. Its duty of teachers to make aware students & community to bring healthy environment, safe from GBV & early child Marriages, we should break trends & odds, to adopt good practices of civilized nations. Age does matters, un-mature & mature has great difference of mind sets, thinking, learning & doing, so that we should encourage mature aged marriages rather than under aged marriages. MR. Abdul Sattar (Teacher) made aware to his students regarding child marriages, Students rights & domestic violence against women. The Teachers & students took keen interest in the session; the teachers asked questions regarding the topic & commended the efforts of NDF, Ujala & Awaz team.

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