Program Title: NDF REHAB Center, Nawabshah

Brief Description: Rehab Center for the rehabilitation of 100+ Children with Intellectual Disabilities


Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPD)

Government of Sindh / CSR/Corporate Sector (NBP/—-) / Individual Philanthropy

1. To provide life therapies (Psychotherapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy) at regular base
2. To improve living style in different angles such as motor skills, standing, speaking, grip, & others
3. To provide nutritional support at routine diet base.
4. To maintain health & hygiene of children
5. To provide clothes & wearing necessities
6. To provide Assistive Devices, CP Wheel Chairs, Wheel Chairs, Tri-Cycles, Hearing Aids & others.

A child who has an intellectual disability may reach certain milestones of development later than children who are not similarly affected. For example, a child may stand and walk later than other children of the same age, be unable to see the consequences of actions, lack curiosity, display infant-like behavior past the age of infancy, and have difficulty in school.

Other indicators of intellectual disability may include:

Deficits in memory skills
Delays in oral language development
Delays in developing adaptive behaviors such as self-care or self-help
Difficulty learning social rules
Difficulty with problem-solving skills
A lack of social inhibitors


Individuals challenged with an intellectual disability often have a variety of options for help and support available to them. While intellectual disabilities cannot be cured and there are no specific medications to treat their effects.

The services that can be of benefit to people with intellectual disabilities include residential homes, day rehabilitation programs, and workshops that can help individuals obtain jobs and homes and connect with members of the community. Specific Psycho therapeutic programs also provide a way for those challenged with intellectual disabilities to learn basic life skills and set and achieve life goals while learning to obtain independence.

Budget: PKR-30 Million/per year

Geographical area

District Shaheed Benazir Abad, Sindh Pakistan


• Awareness/Community Mobilization
• Life Therapies (Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational therapy & Independent Living)
• Counseling
• Recreational Activities
• Family Guidance
• Parents Counselling & Training
• Early Detection
• Early Intervention
• Social Inclusion
• Programme Management
• Lodging & Boarding
• Transportation
• Fund Raising Campaigns
1. Baseline
2. Selection of children
3. Rehabilitation through Life Therapies Training
4. Treatments
5. Day care Service & Boarding
6. Community Sessions
7. Parents Support Groups (PSGs) formation