Project title: Youth Skill Development Training (Phase-XI)
Brief Description:

To provide Job Skill training for youth empowerment
To develop motivation & confidence for youth empowerment
Carrier Counseling for youth empowerment

Start date and end date: (Date/Month/Year): 17-12-2018 to 16-04-2019

Donor: Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Human Resource Research & Development Board (BBSHRRDB) (BBSYDP),  Government of Sindh

Budget: PKR-2100000

Geographical area focused Districts.

Shaheed Benazir Abad, Sanghar & Karachi Sindh, Pakistan


1. Baseline
2. Recruitment
3. Training
4. Examination
5. Graduation

Project title: NDF CDP REHAB Center, Nawabshah

Brief Description: To establish Rehab center for Rehabilitation of 100 Children with Disabilities

1. To provide life therapies at regular base
2. To improve living style in different angles such as motor skills, standing, speaking, grip, & others
3. To provide nutritional support at routine diet base.
4. To maintain health & hygiene of children
5. To provide clothes & wearing necessities
6. To provide Assistive Devices, CP Wheel Chairs, Wheel Chairs, Tri-Cycles, Hearing Aids & others.

Donor: Community Development Program (CDP), UCBPRP (Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Program), Planning & Development (P&D) Department Government of Sindh

Budget: PKR-24 Million

Geographical area

District Shaheed Benazir Abad, Sindh Pakistan


• Awareness/Community Mobilization
• Life Therapies (Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational therapy & Independent Living)
• Counseling
• Recreational Activities
• Family Guidance
• Mother Trainings
• Early Detection
• Early Intervention
• Social Inclusion
• Programme Management
• Lodging & Boarding
• Transportation
• Fund Raising Campaigns
1. Baseline
2. Selection of children
3. Rehabilitation through Life Therapies Training
4. Treatments
5. Day care Service & Boarding
6. Community Sessions
7. Parents Support Groups (PSGs) formation