PUAN in collaboration of SGA & NDF organised SUFI MERAKO in Larkano


LARKANA: (15th Sep 2018) Pakistan US. Alumni Network (PUAN) Sukkur in collaboration of Sindh Graduate Association (SGA), Mehran Welfare Trust Larkana & NDF organised SUFI MERAKO in Larkano. The event was presided by Mr. Anwar Ali Siyal President PUAN Sukkur. Sufis, Writers & civil society activists participated in big number. Mr. Zulfiqar Qadri Ex-Accountant General (AG) Sindh a renowned writer said that the Sindh is land of Sufism. Sufi is messenger of peace, peace is only practice to bring harmony. We should promote peace to reduce extremism. He apprised PUAN initiatives to bring message of peace among youth through Sufism. Mr. Anwar Ali siyal said that PUAN Sukur always promoted peace & harmony in the region. PUAN chapter promotes culture of Pakistan & United States, we bring mutual expertise to bring awareness among youth to promote Sufism in the region. Mr. Abid Lashari said the youth is not much aware about Sufism & peace making process, this initiative is bit try to bring their attention to understand Sufism. Mr. Panjal Sangi CEO Mehran Welfare Trust said that Sufism is our identity, we have peaceful society to promote peace & harmony. Professor Ahmed Ali Sabir renowned poet & writer said that Sufism was started from Prophet hood of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW), the Sufism is term of peace, its also found in different religions. Mr. Mukhtiar Samo renowned writer said that Sindh is land of Sufis like Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Qalandar Shabaz, Sachal Sarmast & many more. Terrorists did not leave the shrines from their attacks & killed more than 500 people in Pakistan. Dr. Diksha Ahuja said that we youth are totally blind from message of Sufism, we should do more for the proper awareness to understand Sufism, Mr. Shams Saryo from SGA said that Sindh has played its role in peace making, the holy sharins are are schools of thoughts to promote Sufism & peace , Mr. Dhani Bux Brohi, , Mr. Ghaus Bux Lashari & others also spoke on the occasion.





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